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A - Well there are a number of factors that affect how much we charge for a particular website. These typically include the total number of pages, the level of design work involved and whether there are any special functionality requirements. You may want to update the site yourself, in which case you would need a Content Managed System (CMS) website, or you may just want to showcase your products and services on a static type website. Read more about the different websites here.

A - This again depends on the size of the website and the requirements. On average we can complete your website from commissioning to completion in 2 weeks. However, please note that we do use a queuing process, so your project will be slotted in to a particular queue. If your website is urgent, please contact us and we can see what we can do.

A - Normally you have unlimited pages available, although you might want to check with your host as to how much disk space you have, as It might become more expensive to host the site if it becomes very large, but normally there is no limit to the size of a website.

A - If it is a CMS (Content Managed system) You can add the pages yourself as the site has an administration area. If however it is a static website (No administration area) we will add it for you although there is a charge for these additions.

A - Yes we can! We will ask our copywriter to contact you in this regard. Please note content writing is charged for depending on the number of words and amount of research that has to be done in order to give you a reasonable brief.

A - Yes, once the website has been designed and paid for, you will have complete ownership of it.

A - Yes we do. We charge an hourly rate for website updates/changes and can normally determine the size of the job after a quick review of your website. We will need the log in details of your hosting provider.

A - The process of trying to get your website to the top of the search engine for a particular search is a very lengthy process and depends on a number of factors. These could include the search or “keywords” you are targeting. Some keywords are more competitive that others. That said, it is very difficult to guarantee results, although there are a number of things that one could do to improve matters.

A - The simple answer is No! Be cautious about companies that make promises that they will put you at the top of the search engine results. One month you could be on the first page for particular search word/phrase and two months later you are on the sixth page. Google are always updating their Search Algorithms, and there are thousands of websites added to the Search engines everyday. There are systems such as Google Adwords which can put you at the top of the search results for a Pay per Click fee.

A - One of the better known pay per click systems is Google Adwords. It is a system that runs advertisements which you only pay for when someone clicks on them. For more information please visit: www.google.com/adwords.

A - We recommend using a very powerful tool called Google Analytics for monitoring your website traffic. It’s free at the time of writing.

A - We require a 60% deposit upfront before we begin any design the balance is payable on completion.

A - This is the unique domain name address that you choose for you business. For example our domain is: intuitdesigns.co.za. You will need to select a domain name before we can publish your website. We will check to see if your selected name is available and register you. The cost of the Domain registration is normally R100.00 and has to be renewed every year for R190.00.

A - Intuit Designs offer very reliable hosting packages from as little as R50.00 per month, and contain all the software for managing and maintaining your website. Payment is normally paid with a debit order, or you may pay six months to a year in advance.
Costs are not included in the website design process unless so stated.

You may if you prefer host with another company. However it will be important for us to have the Username and Password of your domain hosting provider so we can upload the site. It will also be important to make sure the hosting company meet all the required needs for hosting your website, e.g.. PHP 4/5, MYSQL, CGI, etc. We highly recommend Web Africa for professional and cost effective website Hosting.

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